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Ever felt awkward when ordering wine at a restaurant? Ever walked into a wine store and had no idea where to begin, what to buy or how much to pay?

Ever looked at a European wine label and wondered what’s in there? Then Wine-Flair.com is just for you. It’s all about wine education and appreciation, written in plain language.

Great Wine Books for Christmas

One of the ways I’ve learned about wine, oddly enough, is to read wine books. And here are some great book for Christmas. These are a few years old but I really enjoyed them. NOTE: COMING SOON–Reviews of “The Billionaire’s Vinegar: The Mystery of the World’s Most Expensive Bottle of

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Viognier for the Holidays!

Viognier is among the world’s most aromatic whites, with a rich, viscous fullness, often a relatively high alcohol content and even some distinct spiciness on the palate. If, for example, you’re used to light, innocuous Pinot Grigio, this wonderful grape might just knock you over – it makes one of

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Wanna Get High? Try Some 5,000-foot Bolivian Wine!

I’ve never really thought much about Bolivian wine. Ok, I’ve never thought about Bolivian wine at all, until the other night, when I heard the tail end of a story on NPR in my car, and the one word that registered was “Tannat.” So I started to do some research.

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My Ten Wine Rules!

There is bad wine. Some wine is not good, which means it’s bad—poorly made, and it has flaws. It might be cheap, but it might also be expensive.  It doesn’t make you a snob to think a wine is bad. Not all expensive wine is good. You aren’t a low-class

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Spain Ups its Game on Sparkling Wine!

Cava, the Spanish sparkling wine, which represents about 11% of all wine exports from Spain, has just upped its game with a new classification—an ultra-premium offering called “Cava De Paraje Calificado.”  There were already three classifications of this sparkler that use grapes you’ve probably never hear of, traditional Cava, with

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Spain’s Great Match: Castilla Y Leon

Every year I look forward to “Spain’s Great Match,” the day-long tasting, seminar and tradeshow in NYC meant to educate tradespeople on the great wines of Iberia, from Sherry to Bierzo to Cava. I don’t make it to the party every year, but thrilled that I could this year.  It

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New Jersey Wineries: Working Dog Winery in Robbinsville

Looking for another New Jersey winery to visit last weekend presented me with a lot of choices, but I narrowed it down to one the moment I saw the name: Working Dog Winery, in Robbinsville. As someone who volunteers at the Sammy’s Hope Animal Shelter in Sayreville on weekends, the

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New Jersey Wineries: Fox Hollow Vineyards in Holmdel

Well, they had me at hello at the Fox Hollow Vineyards. To be specific, Frederic, the winery’s handsome Berger Blanc Suisse (shepherd dog) got my attention as I walked through the door, sitting at the feet of his master, Joe Casola, the winemaker and vineyard manager. A winery dog is

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Discovered @eatenlightened #icecream—much better texture and flavor than @HaloTopCreamery which is hard to find and often previously thawed and refrozen. This #peanutbutter one is fabulous!

Still waiting on my #Bordeaux 2019 Futures which are "supposedly" pretty good, but evidently the #2021 #EnPrimeur vintage "was complicated" and "an obstacle course with nature." https://www.winemag.com/2022/06/24/2021-bordeaux-en-primeur-wine-reviews/

Hey all, a juicy rosé with a softly creamy mousse and a pretty mix of ripe white cherry, grated ginger and candied pink grapefruit zest. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Aligoté and Gamay. Good value with the Crémants from several French regions. Cheers!

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) sales became a lifeline to many #wineries in the most #LockedIn days of #COVID19. Now, #digital and #social presence are mainstream yet perhaps even more vital: https://daily.sevenfifty.com/for-u-s-wineries-direct-to-consumer-sales-remain-essential/

This is why so many of us are disgusted w/#Hollywood and “#Celebrities.” Now the infamous “#Brangelina” are screwing around with @miravalwines. Enough! http://portal.criticalimpact.com/go.cfm?a=1&eid=17e077bf3716b2ce58a5d1efeef5fa7b&c=25682&jid=b2285a4f4027325e3947229f28c3afba&d=82d4e9954d49ba1aa6473c7b9fa19141&u=https://www.winespectator.com/articles/brad-pitt-says-angelina-jolie-sought-to-inflict-harm-on-chateau-miraval?utm_campaign=Unfiltered061022&utm_source=Unfiltered061022&utm_medium=email&utm_content=17e077bf3716b2ce58a5d1efeef5fa7b

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