Wine Retailers (NJ)

Brian’s Wine and Liquor Emporium

Visit Brian Hammill at Brian’s Wine and Liquor Emporium on Stelton Road in Piscataway, New Jersey, and tell him I sent you.

Brian really knows his stuff, and is as enthusiastic as I am about wine. You’ll see and hear it when he takes you through the aisles to find you the perfect wine. And he’ll find you a good bottle in any price range!

The Ultimate Wine Shop at Joe Canal’s

The Ultimate Wine Shop at Joe Canal’s is one of the largest wine shops I’ve ever seen, with a tremendous selection from around the world. They are located on Rt. 1 in Iselin, NJ with another store in Lawrenceville, NJ.


Coolvines in Westfield, NJ and Princeton, NJ is…cool.

Small stores with outstanding, truly hand-selected (more like mouth-selected) wines, personal service and one of the best layouts I’ve ever seen. And each wine is tagged with great info including color, body, style, winery, grape varieties, region and proper serving temperature. Visit them or at least sign up for their newsletter and see what they have to offer!