Do-it-Yourself Winemaking (NJ)

California WineWorks

California WineWorks is a premier DIY winemaking facility in Ramsey, New Jersey. I know the owner, Craig Cicciari, a dedicated winemaker and someone like me who is all about wine education and appreciation. I’ve tasted barrel samples from some of Craig’s own vintages, and I’m here to tell you this is good wine. And it’s an ideal place to do a genuine team-building exercise with colleagues from work, or just have fun with a group of close friends, or your family.

Don’t take it from me; read this article from NJ’s 201 Magazine to learn more about this great place: CA WineWorks in 201 Magazine.pdf

Vintner’s Circle

Vintner’s Circle is a New Jersey-based company that offers winemaking supplies, education, and even facilities in which you can make, age and bottle your own wine.

Right now they are located in Hackettstown, NJ and Easton, PA and are looking for franchisees.

In any event, if you’ve ever thought about making your own wine, this is one great place to start. Tell Dave that…Dave sent you!

Other New Jersey DIY Facilities

There are a number of other DIY winemaking facilities, sprinkled around the Garden State. Most of them hold individual or group winemaking classes, and sell winemaking equipment and supplies. Many, though not all, also sell grape juices and juice concentrates, and some even allow you to order whole fruit from Napa and Sonoma among other places, which is then shipped to you for your own personal “crush.”

You can often choose the type of barrel to age your wine in, design and print your own labels, and of course bottle the wine when it’s time. You’ll learn a lot along the way and it’s a lot more fun than digging ditches or pulling weeds, if you ask me.

A fairly complete list of NJ winemaking facilities is here.