Mumbai Millionaire

In case you were inspired by the eight Oscars that Slumdog Millionaire brought home, here are some suggestions for pairing wine with Indian food. And a pairing chart is available here with suggestions for other foods and wines.

A great wine with Indian food is a mix of Chenin Blanc and Viognier from Pine Ridge…it’s pretty great with all kinds of Asian food too, and you should be able to find it anywhere in the US.

My very favorite Indian pairing is 100% Pinot Blanc – you can try one of many from the Alsace region of France, such as Meyer-Fonne Pinot Blanc Vieilles Vignes, or one of many domestic Pinot Blancs such as WillaKenzie from Oregon. Good stuff that!

One other option is a dry Rose, say, a Cabernet Franc-based rose (such as a Chinon from France). These fully dry Roses will offer a different experience but I think they’re great with lamb dishes and curries. With the chicken dishes I’d stay with a Kabinett-style Riesling or the Chenin Blanc.

And many say beer is the best pairing. It’s good – but wine is better! (Always!)