Wine And Health – Hooey?

Slate magazine says outright that Americans are “obsessed” with the health benefits of wine.

Obsessed? No. Interested? Sure. Very interested? A few of us, either ’cause we’re in the business, or we’re in healthcare, or we drink a lot of wine. Or maybe we’d like to, and want a reason? Why not?

And if we seem more interested than our European cousins, it’s probably because wine is not (despite the efforts of people like us) a staple at our lunch and dinner tables. Unfortunately – although less so each year – it’s still seen as an indulgence and something special, rather than a normal and in fact unremarkable part of a meal. So as guilt-prone Americans we’re probably looking for an “excuse” to do something that comes naturally to people in many other countries. The health benefits, whatever they are, are a bonus.

See what you think…have a read.