Wine Shorts – March 5, 2010

The Washington Post points out the growing influence of women on the world of wine, including many winemakers such as Cathy Corison, whose Napa Cabernets I consider to be among the best in all of California.

If you fly frequently for business or pleasure, Business Traveller’s Cellars in the Sky Awards are for you, and include the best sparklings, whites, reds and sweet/fortifieds served at 35,000 feet. And if you’re tired of being stuck on the tarmac for hours at a time – with a good glass of wine or not – consider joining the Coalition for an Airline Passengers Bill of Rights. Really.

Speaking of flying and wine, Decanter has a brief story about flights resuming in Chile while winemakers assess their damage from last week’s terrible quake. And for my previous story about The Mondavis of Chile, go here. They really make some rockin’ wines, and we wish all of Chile a speedy recovery.