WINE OF THE WEEK: Zolo Torrontes Mendoza 2008

This is a grape – and a wine – that few people in North America have heard of, let alone tasted.  But it’s well worth your time and taste buds to do so! 
Torrontes is widely considered to the the “signature” white of Argentina, and as far as I can tell it’s the only country that produces it.  We believe the grape is hybrid of Muscat of Alexandria and Criolla Chica, called the Mission grape in California.
This isn’t a white wine for the Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio-drinking set, mind you. It has character, powerful aromatics and real body – delivering up enticing floral aromas and flavors of lime, white peach, and white melon.  Not to step on the toes of Old Spice, but this wine also has “bracing” acidity that keeps it fresh and lively, a necessary match for its rich and lush style.  It’s a great aperitif, perfect for a hot July afternoon.
The Zolo Torrontes Mendoza can be had in the range of $11-14.  Try it!
 FOOD PAIRINGS:   Charcuterie, Crabs, Goat cheese, White Pizza, Toasted Nuts