Fun Wine Facts

There are about 20 million tons of grapes planted worldwide, making it the largest fruit crop.
The average grape cluster contains 60-80 grapes. It takes four clusters to make a bottle.
There about 40 clusters per vine, and each vine produces about 10 bottles. 

Each acre of vineyard produces, on average, 4 tons of grapes.  Some, though, produce as little as 1.5 to 2 tons. In a few places, such as California’s Central Valley, yields of 12-14 tons per acre are not unheard of.  

Each ton of grapes produces, on average, 150 gallons, or 63 cases, or 756 bottles.  Thus, you get about 3024 bottles to an acre.

It takes about 16 pounds of grapes to produce a gallon of wine.

Each barrel contains enough wine to produce about 60 gallons, 25 cases, or 300 bottles.

We typically think of wine bottles as the standard 750 ML liter model. But they actually come in many sizes with unique names:

  • Magnum (1.5 liters)  2 bottles
  • Jeroboam (3 liters)  4 bottles
  • Rehoboam (4.5 liters)  6 bottles
  • Methuselah (6 liters)  8 bottles
  • Salmanazar (9 liters)  12 bottles
  • Balthazar (12 liters)  16 bottles
  • Nebuchadnezzar (15 liters)  20 bottles