Wine of the Week: Covey Run Gewürztraminer 2010

This off-dry, which naturally means slightly sweet, white wine is the perfect pairing for spicy food and Asian food. And of course spicy Asian food (not all of it is).  It goes great with Indian and Thai food, and lo and behold, they’re Asian.

It’s pronounced “guh-vertz-trah-meen-er” by the way.

It’s got enough acidity to balance the sweetness, despite being known as a grape that lacks acidity.  It’s got honey, melon, and pear flavors and a really lovely floral nose.  Two glasses made an OK meal at P.F. Chang into an absolutely wonderful lunch.  Need I say more?

Covey Run is in Washington State’s Columbia Valley, but there are many excellent wines (Trimbach, and Hugel & Fils to name two) from Alsace, that region in far east France along the border with Germany and Switzerland. There are also some other nice domestic Gewurz-es: Chateau St. Michelle, Hogue, and Fetzer.

This wine is an amazing value, too, in the $8-9 range. Buy a 6-pack or a case if you can find the 2010, as this wine is meant to be consumed when it’s young.

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