Cats Love Boxes. Why Not Wine Drinkers?

I don’t actually know the answer to that today. This Black Box Sauvignon Blanc Chile 2019 is the first boxed wine I’ve ever bought, though I have tasted a few from time to time at events and at private homes. It’s three-liters, the equivalent of four standard bottles, and at an average $20 it would appear to be of great value.

I took a small taste last night, but I want to taste it over time, to see if it changes in any way, and if the bag inside keeps the wine fresh and bright over time. The packaging boasts 70 Gold Medals, but doesn’t say which ones or when they were awarded, so as far as I know at least one could be from a Bradford (Ohio) Bodega.

The Black Box people themselves describe it this way: “Our award-winning Sauvignon Blanc shows off stone fruit, fresh peach and floral notes. Crisp acidity and herbaceous undertones lead to a clean, dry finish. This refreshing white wine pairs well with white meat or seafood?”

Well, we shall see, and I shall let you know.  Happy Fourth of July!

JULY 5: Disappointment. This box and the 2019 vintage, at least, is very grassy and herbaceous. Too grassy and herbaceous. Worse, it doesn’t have the brisk acidity for which Sauv Blanc is noted and for which many of us drink it. In fairness, it’s not the worst SB I’ve ever had, but not terribly good, and not something I’ll repeat.  I will, however, in further fairness, try at least one more white and probably a Cabernet Sauvignon, and let you know. And the ease and convenience of use as a “house wine” is irrefutable.