Pair Your Food With Perfect Wines!

Wine and food pairing is more an art than a science. So VIEW OR DOWNLOAD the Wine-Flair Wine & Food Pairing Chart 2020.  Pairing is one of the most frequent questions I get and if you want to really immerse yourself, there are lots of books available–I have one called What to Drink with What to Eat–but if you’re putting together a dinner party or at a restaurant and you need a quick and handy guide (just email the PDF to yourself) you’ll get some tried and true ideas here. You may or may not agree with them, and you’ll find pairings you like from friends and family, but mostly from your own experience.  This is just a starting place, in one easy guide.  Enjoy!

PS-I realized much to my chagrin that I left out Indian food, one of my favorites. I will update!