Wine of the Week: Cornerstone Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Special Selection 2016

OK so this Wine-Flair Wine of the Week is about a 50-buck wine. And it’s a classic Napa ballsy Cab: rich and concentrated dark fruit, balanced, lovely tannins and a long finish. Some (including me) may detect a little residual sweetness right out of the bottle, but after I decanted it became more subtle, and I recommend doing that. Plus it’s always more fun pouring a great wine out of a crystal-clear decanter.

So it is indeed rich but not crazy over-the-top, though it does have over 15% alcohol. While it might overpower some foods, it will match with any beef dish and went great with steak frites. But it’s still very young, and could stand some cellaring. Probably quite a lot. But I wasn’t willing to wait and I was not disappointed.

It’s not easy to find but there’s some out there if you look. Get a few bottles if you can!

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