Wine of the Week: Beringer Bros. US Voted Dry Whisper Sister 2017

Ok, an unusual name for this Wine Flair Wine of the Week! A play on prohibition, evidently (I was not there) in the ’20s you could get access to booze in a Speakeasy through a strong-willed woman, a “Whisper Sister.” In this case, it was a real person, Bertha Beringer, through whose efforts Beringer outlived our country’s ill-advised dry decade+, from 1920 to 1933.  Beringer, one of the few to survive, is Napa’s longest continually-operating winery, back to 1876.

And, this is one of the best, high-value Cabs you’re gonna find. It’s got that Napa boldness and richness, but it’s nicely balanced, with tannins that give it structure but don’t grind your gums. You can get it from Wine Chateau in my lovely boro of Metuchen, NJ (the only place so named in the world) but also at a number of other outlets. It’s a great bargain at $22-24 and a great gift for a dinner party and a conversation piece at the same time.

So, violate the 18th Amendment…and enjoy!

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